Featuring incredible analog and digital based recording, Obscenic Arts’ equipment and gear list rivals any of the best national studios.

Protools, studer 24 track 2″, great mic pres, mics and outboard – not to mention amazing amps and guitars all included at a reasonable affordable price.

A knowledgeable, experienced staff will utilize all the facility has to offer to deliver a professional quality standard recording and help develop your musical sound.

Amek Angela 3924 inline console
Genelec 1032 powered monitors
Yamaha NS10M studio monitors (4)
Studer A80 24 track 2″ tape machine w/vso+autol
Protools hd3 with 24 ins and outs
HHB CDR 850 cd recorder (2)
Apogee Rosetta stereo a/d converter

Neve 1073LBEQ (2)
Neve 1073LB (4)
Neve 88RLB
Avalon VT 737SM mic pre/comp (2)
API 512 mic pres (10)
Purple Biz mkII mic pre (2)

Universal LA2A compressor (2)
Universal LA3A compressor (2)
Urei LA4 compressor (2)
Urei 1176ln compressor (2)
Purple Audio MC76 compressor
Urei 1178 dual compressor
Empirical Labs EL8 distressor (2)
Tube Tech LCA2B stereo compressor
Alan Smart CL2 stereo compressor
DBX 160x compressor (2)

Tube Tech PE1C (2)
Summit EQF-100 (2)

AMS RMX16 stereo reverb
Lexicon PCM 70 version 2.0
Eventide H3000 DSX ultraharmonizer
Lexicon PCM 42digital delay (2)

Telefunken m80 microphone
Neumann M-147 microphone (2)
Neumann TLM 103 microphone (2)
Neumann KM184 microphone (2)
Neumann u87ai (2)
Neumann u87a
Earthworks TC40K microphone (2)
Sennheiser 421II microphone (3)
Stedman n-90 microphone
Beyer M88 microphone
Royer 121 microphone
AKG 451EB microphone (2)
AKG D112 microphone
Crown PZM-20R microphone (2)
Shure SM7 microphone
Shure SM57 microphones (5)
Shure SM58 microphones (3)

Demeter tube bass direct box
Sansamp bass direct box
Countryman active direct box (2)
DOD direct box
Barcus Berry Z Box direct box
Demeter stdb stereo tube di

Marshall 25th Anniv Jubilee head and 4×12 cabinet
Marshall 1972 JMP MKII head
Marshall jcm800 head
Marshall chrome handle 4×12 cabinet
Marshall 1960b 4×12 cabinet
Ampeg B-15 portaflex bass combo
Ampeg 1970 blue line svt head (2)
Ampeg SVT Classic 8×10 cabinets (3)
Fender Twin Reverb combo amplifier
Roland jc-120

Steinway model b grand piano
Hammond a100 organ with leslie 145 speaker
Gibson 1992 Les Paul classic
Fender 2019 American Stratocaster
Fender 2004 American Telecaster
Fender 1994 ’62 reissue precision bass
Fender 2013 ‘64 reissue jazz bass
Kubicki 1990 Ex Factor bass
Eastman ampeg fretless bass

Pearl 14″ chrome snare drum
Tama star classic birch/bubinga hybrid 4 piece kit (24″)
Yamaha 14″ chrome snare drum
Yamaha 24″ bass drum
Yamaha 12″ rack tom
Yamaha 13″ rack tom
Yamaha 16″ floor tom
Yamaha bass drum pedal (2)
Gibraltar bass drum pedal
Yamaha high hat stand
Yamaha boom ride cymbal stand
Yamaha crash cymbal stands (2)
Assorted Sabian cymbals
Gibraltar drum throne
Tama Star Classic 22″ bass drum
Tama Star Classic 12″ rack tom
Tama Star Classic 18″ floor tom
Tama Star Classic 16″ floor tom

Outboard Rack